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Meet our Team

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The Rev. Jenny Hulen


I am Pastor Jenny Hulen and I am the rector at St. Simons. I am actually kind of a mutt denominationally.  I grew up Missouri Synod Lutheran, became a Southern Baptism in college, and found the Episcopal branch of the Christian faith in my mid-thirties. My religious experience it pretty wide as a result, and I like to think it is also deep.

Jo Gantzer

Associate for Parish and Family Ministry

I am Jo Gantzer, Parish Administrator and Associate for Family Ministry. As an administrator, I handle bulletins and building use, mailings and nametags as well as managing vestry materials and welcoming phone calls from parishioners and visitors alike. At other times, you will find me working on offerings for families with young children. You can find me in the office Monday – Thursday from 9am – 3pm.

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