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Frequently Asked Questions

We can't wait to welcome you to Saint Simons in the near future!

If you have any questions that have not been answered here, please feel free to contact the church office by leaving a note in the contact box, emailing, or calling (847)-259-2930.

  • What can I expect when visiting St. Simon’s to worship?
    Our primary worship is on Sunday mornings at 9:30. This service is in-person at the church, as well as on-line through Zoom and Facebook. If the Episcopal liturgy is new to you, we invite you to simply enjoy it, without worrying about whether you understand everything. There isn’t a wrong way to worship! During the service worshipers participate in prayers, responses and singing, as guided by our worship booklet. Masks are currently optional. We adhere to current guidelines to keep everyone safe. In addition to worship, we offer Adult Formation after most services. For more information on what is happening this Sunday, please review our Sunday morning schedule. Ushers are available to answer questions or provide additional information.
  • Will we be celebrating the Eucharist?
    Yes! We participate in the sacrament of communion on a weekly basis. Participants will have the opportunity to sanitize their hands immediately prior with hand sanitizer provided. We will gather around the altar rail, and receive the bread from the presider. Bread will be placed in open hands, not directly into your mouth. Following there is distribution of wine in individual cups. If you are unsure about communion, you are welcome to join us at the rail to receive a blessing. All are welcome at God’s table.
  • Will there be singing/music?
    Yes!! We praise the Lord with hymns, psalms and anthems. Consider joining our choir group! Anthems are presented throughout the year on various occasions.
  • What is available for children?
    What's happening on Sundays? Children are welcomed as worshippers. We hope families will feel comfortable coming to the rail for communion knowing the bread and wine or grape juice are for the younger members too. The Soft Space is open for business in the front pew. Look for the soft grey carpet and baskets of toys. This is a good space for babies and wiggly 2-5 year olds. Parental presence required. This way kids have an uninterrupted view of the action around the altar and pulpit – liturgical education by osmosis. Kids Quiet Bags are back for kids in the pews. Books, coloring supplies and activity pages give their hands something to do while their ears are taking in the words and songs. Find the bags in the foyer area Kids Zone, a bright green table with a basket of bags. Pick one up and then return it after the service and it will be restocked by the following Sunday. While the Nursery is not staffed, the room is open to parents who need to let their toddler or preschooler move around. Parents can follow the service on Facebook (St. Simon’s Arlington Heights) from a comfortable couch or rocking chair. It's in the DNA at St. Simon's for nursery goers to be sure to come up for communion! BTW, both the lower level men’s and women’s restrooms have diaper changing stations. What about during the week? Kids love to get street mail! Call the office to get your child/grandchild on the mailing list for weekly activity sheets and crafts at home. Lessons go out mid-week. Church School Take Outs – Lessons for Busy Families is a weekly email supporting parents in their ministry being the primary faith instructors in their children’s lives. Helpful information for parents about the lesson of the week, activities that help kids understand the lesson and a related cartoon video and song provide drive-time or waiting room-time entertainment. Call the office to be added to the mailing list. Take Outs are delivered to your inbox on Fridays.
  • Can I come to in-person worship if I have mobility challenges?
    Yes! It would be helpful to contact the church office the week prior (if possible) so that we may be prepared for your arrival. If the steps at the front door make entry difficult, using the ramp on the east side of the building will be a better option. Park in the area near that door. The bathroom near that entrance is fully accessible. There is also an elevator available for your use.
  • Will I receive a bulletin to follow along with the service?
    Yes! a printed order of worship will be available for those who are in church. Online bulletins are available in the chat.
  • What about parking?
    From the West Parking Lot you can enter either through the North side and proceed directly into the Sanctuary or you can enter through the West Entrance which will lead you to the Nursery and/or Church School classrooms. In our East Parking Lot we have spaces for those with limited mobility and you can enter through the East Entrance which is wheelchair accessible.
  • What should I wear?
    Come as you are. In our services you will see everything from sneakers and shorts to jackets and ties. The important thing is to join us in worship however you are comfortable.
  • How do I become a member at St. Simon's?
    Please let us know you’d like to join by completing our online New Member Form. You may also email us or call. Let us know how we can best support you. We’re so excited to welcome you into worship, fellowship and service with us. If you need counseling or would like information on baptism, marriage, or confirmation in the church, please call our office for more information.
  • How is St. Simon's staying safe during COVID?
    Since March, 2020, St. Simon's has made it a priority to keep our members and visitors safe. We follow current CDC guidelines, as well as the guidance of the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago,the official organization of the Episcopal Church in Chicago and Northern Illinois. Masks and hand sanitizer are available, and we respect social distancing when possible. We no longer share a common cup during communion, but rather use individual cups to receive the wine. We remain vigilant regarding changes in safety protocol, and like to err on the side of caution.
  • Can we have a baptism/wedding/funeral at St. Simon's?
    St. Simon's would be happy to help you along life's journey. Baptisms are celebrated throughout the year for babies and adults. Weddings of all genders can be planned with help from our staff. Funerals and Memorials are respectfully conducted when necessary. Please contact us for more specific information.
Still have questions? Contact us!
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