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Who We Are

We celebrate God's love for all & seek to embody Christ in the world.

St. Simon's is a joyful and inclusive congregation that invites all who seek God into community, questions and doubts included. 


We believe that God deeply loves every person, and we seek to celebrate this love––from our Sunday morning 


worship to our community groups and outreach, we seek to share God's care with the world. Just as God loves everyone, all people are welcomed at St. Simon's––and not only welcomed, but celebrated for who they are.

On Sunday mornings, we gather for worship. We currently embrace a hyflex worship service. Those of us who are comfortable in the building (currently masks optional) join with a community of online worshippers who connect with us through Zoom and Facebook. We are constantly updating our technical abilities to include everyone fully. Online participants are engaged in the service as readers, leaders and even preachers. 

Throughout the week, we have so many opportunities to get involved. From book clubs to prayer groups, from tending the St. Simon's garden to feeding our neighbors,  we live out our faith as a community. 


We can't wait to welcome you to a service sometime soon. Wherever you find yourself in your journey, there is a place for you here. May you encounter God in this community.

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