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Adult Faith Formation

The life of faith is never lived in isolation—we abide with God and with one another, even as we are varied and different.

Deepening the bonds between us is a commitment, a value, and way of life grounded in the wisdom of Jesus that loving one another and our neighbor is loving God.  We create opportunities to learn and talk about our faith, help each other apply our faith to our lives, and move into the world as disciples of Jesus. 
We meet as one community, both online and in person, for learning and conversation 10:50 am each Sunday morning. 

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Currently in the Adult Forum

The Gospel of John


The Adult Formation program during Lent will be the study of the Gospel of John. John’s Gospel is the most poetic and mystical of the 4 Gospels and is distinctly different from the other 3. In John, Jesus does not speak in parables and his ministry extends over 3 years, rather than a one-year period. Only John’s Gospel features the wedding feast in Cana and the raising of Lazarus. It describes Jesus’ calling of his disciples, his death, and his resurrection in unique ways. This Gospel shows a very human portrayal of Christ, while at the same time displaying the highest Christology of Jesus found in the New Testament: Jesus is truly the Son of God. Throughout our 50 days of reading, we will explore how John calls us to move beyond the superficial nature of things into their deeper spiritual reality. The Book of John is a fascinating read. The reading schedule can be found here.

Coming Next

Easter People


Members of the St. Simon's community share stories of their faith journeys.

Episcopal Basics


Why do Episcopalians do the things they do in worship? Are we protestant or catholic? What about the Eucharist and Baptism? Come with your questions and curiosity as we explore it all together.

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