Adult Faith Formation

The life of faith is never lived in isolation—we abide with God and with one another, even as we are varied and different.

Deepening the bonds between us is a commitment, a value, and way of life grounded in the wisdom of Jesus that loving one another and our neighbor is loving God.  We create opportunities to learn and talk about our faith, help each other apply our faith to our lives, and move into the world as disciples of Jesus. 
We meet as one community, both online and in person, for learning and conversation 11:20 each Sunday morning. 

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Currently in the Adult Forum

Advent Adult Formation: Thick And Thin Faith


Come join us for the final session exploring some of the differences between ‘thin’ and ‘thick’ faith for Thick Advent. This week we will explore one of the most confusing words in our faith – love. 

We can “love” someone’s new haircut and “love” God?! How do we get at the rich marrow of what it means to love? Through conversation, scripture, teaching, videos and reflection we will explore what love means as we prepare for Christ’s arrival. Come for a time of connection and rich conversation facilitated by Pastor Jenny.  

Upcoming Programs


This January we will begin a series discussing Diana Bulter-Bass’ book “Gratitude”. You don’t have to have read the book to join in. Through video of interviews with Dr. Butler-Bass and conversation, we will learn the transformative power of deep gratitude

Episcopal 101 – Everything you ever wanted to know, but were afraid to ask


Why do Episcopalians do the things they do in worship? Are we protestant or catholic? What about the Eucharist and Baptism? Come with your questions and curiosity as we explore it all together.