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Adult Faith Formation

The life of faith is never lived in isolation—we abide with God and with one another, even as we are varied and different.

Deepening the bonds between us is a commitment, a value, and way of life grounded in the wisdom of Jesus that loving one another and our neighbor is loving God.  We create opportunities to learn and talk about our faith, help each other apply our faith to our lives, and move into the world as disciples of Jesus. 
We meet as one community, both online and in person, for learning and conversation 10:50 am each Sunday morning. 

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Currently in the Adult Forum

From Darkness to Light


Each Sunday, following the 9:30 am service, the Adult Formation Team will show a video that addresses how we manifest the light of Christ in our lives. The videos, from the series Work of the People, are short and provocative encouraging discussion. 

Barbara Brown Taylor—What’s Saving your Life Today?
What makes your soul sing? What is your current spiritual work about? And what do
our consider your spiritual successes?

Richard Rohr—Dualism and Identity
How does dualistic or binary thinking affect our attitudes and actions? What are the pit
falls of attachment to our self-image? How does contemplation lead to compassion?


Brené Brown —Setting Boundaries
Why are we uncomfortable setting boundaries? What boundaries are necessary for me
to keep my integrity and make the most generous assumptions about the other?

Upcoming Programs

A Journey through Acts


The Book of Acts shares the story of the birth of the Christian church, connecting the earliest followers of Jesus to Christians 2,000 years later. On the Day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit breathes new life into followers of "The Way," the community of Jesus's disciples, and empowers them to share the Good News of God in Christ.

Join the journey through Acts and follow in the footsteps of the apostles Peter and Paul and many others such as Barnabas and Lydia, all bearing witness to Jesus's saving grace. Featuring fifty days of scripture and reflections by spiritual leaders from around the world, A Journey Through Acts is part of a series of 50 Day Bible studies and is an extension of The Bible Challenge, a global initiative to encourage daily engagement with the Word of God.

Episcopal Basics


Why do Episcopalians do the things they do in worship? Are we protestant or catholic? What about the Eucharist and Baptism? Come with your questions and curiosity as we explore it all together. 

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