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Adult Faith Formation

The life of faith is never lived in isolation—we abide with God and with one another, even as we are varied and different.

Deepening the bonds between us is a commitment, a value, and way of life grounded in the wisdom of Jesus that loving one another and our neighbor is loving God.  We create opportunities to learn and talk about our faith, help each other apply our faith to our lives, and move into the world as disciples of Jesus. 
We meet as one community, both online and in person, for learning and conversation 10:50 am each Sunday morning. 

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Currently in the Adult Forum

Stewardship of Ourselves


We, the Beloved, are each unique and specially made as partners with God in stewarding the world we live in. Each of us has skills, talents and interests that lead to behaviors, careers and hobbies that delight the world around us as well as bringing pleasure to ourselves.  Let's spend some time discovering what we each bring to the community and to those we love. 

Coming Next

Discernment Group Presentation


We will hear from the Discernment Group about what they have learned over the past year.

Episcopal Basics


Why do Episcopalians do the things they do in worship? Are we protestant or catholic? What about the Eucharist and Baptism? Come with your questions and curiosity as we explore it all together.

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