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Give to St. Simon's

We conduct our annual giving campaign in October each year. In 2024, our theme is Rooted in Abundance which comes from Jeremiah’s (17:8) call to tap into God’s nourishing structure of faith and generosity.

They shall be like a tree planted by water, sending out its roots by the stream.

In this spirit, we are called to extend our networks and share our gifts with the world. When you are rooted in abundance, you realize that your giving can be fearless and evergreen.

Your financial support and generosity enable St. Simon’s to provide meaningful programs and service; transforming lives by feeding the hungry, supporting our neighbors, and developing ways each of us can deepen in faith.

Your annual contribution or pledge ensures you are investing in St. Simon’s areas of greatest need. You may choose either a single annual gift or monthly
support through a recurring debit plan. Your financial contributions – as well as your gifts of time and energy – are always meaningful and appreciated. Please access the FAQ on Giving to answer additional questions you may have.

We also welcome one-time gifts from our guests or visitors who are moved to support our journey at St. Simon’s.

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