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Associate for Parish & Family Ministry

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When you call the church office it’s more than likely I will be the voice you speak with.  I am Jo Gantzer, Parish Administrator. In this role I handle a wide range of things like bulletins and building use, mailings and nametags as well as managing vestry materials and welcoming phone calls from parishioners and visitors alike. You can find me in the office Monday – Thursday from 9am – 3pm.

At other times, you will find me working on offerings for families with young children.  Recognizing that parents are the primary faith formation instructors in a child’s life, I work to support parents in that aspect of their ministry.  In COVID-times I have produced a weekly e-newsletter called Church School Take-Outs, which has lessons, videos and crafts for children and their adults – parents and grandparents. 

Having worked in the field of Christian Formation for more than 50 years I have quite a store of ideas and experiences to draw from. Contact the office to be added to the Church School Take-Outs mailing list.

I have worked as a lay professional within the Episcopal Church as staff at the parish, diocesan, national and international levels in areas of Christian Formation and Administration. My years as Missioner for Christian Formation and Congregational Development and then as the Canon for Life-long Learning in the Diocese of Michigan allowed me to attend training events and workshops that were full of ideas I love to put into action. Baptismal ministry is a concept I am passionate about: the belief that we are each called to be ministers in the course of our daily lives and that we have been given spiritual gifts, skills and personality traits to empower that work.  Helping others to discover that giftedness and explore ways to train and hone skills is a fulfilling aspect of my ministry. My husband, Ed, and I have three grown daughters and three grandsons.  

Jo Gantzer

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