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We know it is not easy to enter a new community, no matter how committed that community is to welcoming you.  At St Simon’s, we seek to deepen the sense of belonging and connection for all ages. 

Children are welcome as full participants in our worship and community life.  They are encouraged to receive the bread and wine or grape juice with their families. We are delighted and blessed by their presence.

If you are seeking a church community, we are available to provide tours and answer any questions you might have.  We hope you’ll let us know how we can best assist you and your family.  Jo Gantzer coordinates our children’s ministries. 


Children and Youth

Second Sundays 

Second Sunday of each Month @ 9:25 A.M.


Each month, on the second Sunday, we hold a special gathering of children ages 4-4th grade, with older kids to help, looking at the foundational stories of our faith and what they call us to be and do. This 30-minute segment begins at 9:25 in the main level classrooms in the office wing. We’ll rejoin our families for the Eucharist.

Every Sunday

Kids Activity Bags are available for children in the pews. Books, coloring supplies and activity pages give their hands something to do while their ears are taking in the words and songs. Find the bags in the foyer area Kids Zone, a bright green table with a basket of bags. Pick one up and then return it after the service and it will be restocked by the following Sunday.

While the Nursery is not staffed, the room is open to parents who need to let their toddler move around. Parents can follow the service on Facebook (St. Simon’s Arlington Heights) from a comfortable couch or rocking chair. It's in the DNA at St. Simon's for nursery goers to be sure to come up for communion! BTW, both the lower level men’s and women’s restrooms have diaper changing stations.

Image by Julietta Watson

Church School Take-Outs

A Weekly Email for Families

St Simon’s has a weekly email for families of elementary age children called “Church School Take Outs”. Drawing on the image of fast-food, this is a quick nibble for parents and children on the theme of that Sunday’s lessons.  Expect to find videos of Bible stories and a song as well as downloadable activities or crafts. Supporting parents as the primary faith communicators, the opening notes will give some practical ideas on how to make that week’s lesson accessible to their child.

If you would like to be on the mailing list (parents, grandparents, beloved friends welcome) please contact This resource is open to friends and neighbors as well – the more the merrier!

Soft Space at the Front
of the Church 

Small people, like toddlers and preschoolers, can have trouble seeing the liturgical action from pews.  St. Simon’s has a “soft space” in the very front where kids can see what’s going on at the altar while they keep their hands busy with quiet toys. Parents are asked to sit in the front pew to supervise their small fry. 


There are many opportunities for families and children to come together to learn, to play, and to grow throughout the year. Please see our weekly emails for information on our parish picnic, pet blessing and many other special events throughout the year.

At St. Simon’s, we take childrens’ safety and wellbeing seriously.
Click here to learn more about our Keeping God’s People Safe Policy.
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